The X Foundation funds projects all over the world in areas where GCC is undertaking mining and exploration activities. The X Foundation is part of GCC’s Gift Again Program where funds are invested and managed to provide long-lasting sustainable funding for the Social, and Environmental projects that the Foundation is supporting.

If you have a project that needs to be funded please get in touch, especially if its any of the following areas:

1.Environmental preservation.

2.Pollution and Waste Reduction.

3.Children’s Education.

4.Essential Infrustracture

5.Water Resources


The GCC group through GCC GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED and its EXPLORATION EXCHANGE (www.eXploration.eXchange) is undertaking an extensive resources program all over the world. As part of this GCC is allocating funds to the development of local communities, environmental protection and key infrastructure in the places we are operating in.


Gift Again (www.GiftAgain.Org), powered by GCC ( and Rockstar Hubs International (www.RockstarHubs.International) is pioneering a new and sustainable model to be able to support a variety of good causes as well as both social and environmental projects. Being at the forefront of its industry, with its finger on the pulse in various countries, it has been able to identify and therefore develop the concept which includes the ability to:

  • Manage the capital amount of funds received from donations in a way that produces income and therefore grows over time
  • Provide an option to those donating, that they may receive their original donation back, thereby allowing them to gift again
  • Sustainably support projects over longer periods of time due to the constant growth and re-investment of funds

Focus on

1. HUMAN IMPACT on the environment.

2. PROVIDING TOOLS to assist stakeholders such as NGOs, governments, and charities.

3. PROVIDING NEW SOLUTIONS to that move us to a zero impact world.

Current focus

The current focus is on Volume:

1. Waste

2. Carbon (carbon dioxide CO2)

3. Air pollution

4. Climate Change

Impact0 focus

1. Impact on the WATER

2. Impact on the EARTH

3. Impact on the AIR

It’s not a problem of too much waste or carbon, its the impact they have on the environment (Earth, Air, and Water)